Experts in food product marketing and sales and the
food market in Quebec since 1968

Over the years, Bellemont Powell has acquired an expert knowledge of the Quebec food market that allows us to provide the perfect launch for your products, whether they are sold across the general market or in precise specialty stores. Our know-how, built up since 1968, lets us represent you in the best possible light so that your products occupy a prominent place in Quebec.

No matter in what sector or department your grocery products will be sold, be it fresh produce, fish and seafood, value-added meats, or organics, our seasoned experts will do everything in their power to reach your sales goals by using innovative and efficient commercial strategies.

Bellemont Powell is a reference in the food marketing industry, not only as a broker of quality and popular products, but also as trusted experts in analysis, representation, and management for those seeking efficient commercialization of their food products.

Bellemont Powell carefully handles your food products with creativity and proactive solutions to move swiftly through each phase of their retail launch.

At Bellemont Powell, we measure results, not effort.

In Montreal and across Quebec.