Corporate Representation

Company directors found in various corporate headquarters have an obligation to be principally concerned with making their shelves as profitable as possible. Thanks to the privileged contacts we have established since 1968, we know who to present your product to and how to negotiate a fair and favourable price all while representing your product the right way. 

Product Presentation

At Bellemont Powell, we make no compromises on quality. This is why we are the premiere team in specialized sales, commercialization, and launch as well as maintenance of new food products destined for Quebec consumers.

We regularly visit corporate headquarters of major chains such as Costco, IGA, Loblaws, Maxi, Metro, Provigo, Super C and Walmart in order to guarantee your position on store shelves and improve your market share.

Product Launch

Presenting a product well before corporate headquarters isn’t enough to distinguish your food product from competitors. Bellemont Powell works with you to develop a product launch based on original and efficient strategies so that you see returns on your targeted market share. With this in mind, we commit to carry out the launch even at the heart of corporate headquarters.


We aim to sell your food products in the most profitable way possible. Negotiation is always appropriate, but your satisfaction is a goal we always attain. 


The key to selling your product lies in a meticulous follow-up. By phone or in person, our representatives are in charge of creating a demand by making your presence known amongst the various corporate offices and, most importantly, to concerned decision-makers.