Customer Service

At Bellemont Powell, we have only one goal: making your product a success. To accomplish this, Bellemont Powell stands out from the competition in two ways:.

  1. Our customer service is exemplary. Our tireless work is praise-worthy. Experiencing a delicate situation with a grocery chain? We’re committed to finding a satisfying solution that will increase your turnover. 
  2. Bellemont Powell is more than a master linguistic intermediary between French and English. We know how to make you experience commercial success without language becoming a barrier. With our help, you will be able to penetrate the Quebec food market. 

Administrative Support

Administration can often take a back seat when your efforts are focused on sales and business relations development. Bellemont Powell also offers you full administrative assistance. In order to accomplish this, we carry out:

  • Price Audits;
  • EDI orders and purchase orders by fax, bills and confirmations receipts;
  • Administration of funds for retroactive billing;
  • Billing (paper and electronic formats)

Order and Delivery

Bellemont Powell acts as a true intermediary between the various banners and you, the manufacturer/producer. We carry out a rigorous inspection at each stage of delivery, so that your food product is always available, fresh, and present on shelves. Our monitoring methods are crafted to avoid as many problem-prone risks as possible.


Phone solicitation is a must. Our representatives are comfortable persuading all pertinent stakeholders to sell your food product, as well as following up after the sale.

Complaint Management

Having difficulty with a certain store or grocer? It’s perfectly fine to let us help. Your customer wasn’t served well? Bellemont Powell, as a food broker and food marketing company, strives for your satisfaction, and in turn, will take the means necessary to resolve the situation.


A consumer wants to file a complaint, but the language barrier is an obstacle? Bellemont Powell is here to help.