Founded in 1968, Bellemont Powell has mastered the unique traits of the Quebec food market. Since we began introducing new food products to Quebec in 1968, we’ve mastered the details of its unique market. From chain stores to consumers, Bellemont Powell’s sales and marketing team have become experts in the field.

Over the course of more than 50 years, we’ve remained committed to achieving substantial results. We’ve learned that it takes a team of specialists to understand the marketplace and act accordingly.

Each of our departments — grocery products, produce, fish and seafood, value-added meats and organic products — is made up of experienced professionals who will go out of their way to reach your sales targets by initiating innovative and effective marketing strategies.

Our track record speaks for itself. Hard work, integrity and credibility have earned us a reputation as one of the most respected firms in the Quebec food business. Based in Quebec, we’ve got an insider’s edge of what it takes to maximize your potential. A partnership with Bellemont Powell means you’ll have complete access to our strategic understanding of the ins and outs of he market, ensuring your products’ success.