Who are we

The Bellemont Powell Team – Experts in Food Product Launching

For over 50 years, Bellemont Powell has ranked amongst the best in the area of food commercialization and marketing thanks to our daily hard work, the devotion of our exceptional management, and our driven spirit.

We pride ourselves on our team of salespeople and representatives. We concentrate our efforts on maximizing your food products at all times. It could be through small but important actions like warehouse inspection, recall execution, and proposing new items to store managers and directors. It might also be through larger steps, like launching a brand accross the Province through corporate offices.

Drawing on their in-depth market knowledge, our qualified representatives set ambitious sales goals… that are achieved . Our representatives are renowned across Quebec for their vanguard  style approach to food sales and commercialization, whether it comes to presentations, store openings, conventions, or related activities.

At Bellemont Powell, we have only one goal: making your product a success.

Mission and values
Business goals