Retail Representation

Everything plays a part in today’s retail market. The success or failure of your food product is intimately linked to the way in which it is launched in each retail store. Bellemont Powell becomes a watchful eye for manufacturers and producers. We see to it that things run smoothly; from purchase to distribution, all the way to stock rotation of your food product.



Our representatives go directly to stores to carry out the introduction of your product as well as negotiating its sale and ensuring follow-up on store demonstrations.

Our salespeople set up promotional materials on-site and verify prices on the shelves.

Our professional salespeople work full-time and are on the road daily making sure your products are highlighted and adequately showcased.

Product Presentation

To present your product in the best way possible, Bellemont Powell relies on winning principles: product availability and distribution, application of promotions in effect, attractive product launch, and exemplary customer service.



Distribution of your food product is a question of precision and availability, as much to generate sales as to prevent the return of unsold or expired goods. Distribution is carefully taken into consideration at the level of store chains and grocery banners and also at a warehouse-to-warehouse level so that your product gets put out on store sales floors.

Customer Service

Your customers are our customers by extension. As a food sales and marketing specialist, Bellemont Powell is proud to respond to your most specific needs.