The province of Quebec

The Quebec retail food market is unique. It is overflowing with grocers and related stores as well as franchises like Costco, IGA, Loblaws, Maxi, Metro, Provigo, Super C, and Walmart, not to mention several independent chains. Many sales directors can choose their own signage and food products for sale.


The Bellemont Powell experience gives you peace of mind. We know the Quebec food market. Our strategic contacts both in corporate offices and local stores as well as our network are strong enough to penetrate your targeted food sector. 


Since 1968, Bellemont Powell has maintained exceptional business relations between our region’s merchants and stakeholders in order to maximize your sales.


Language barrier can be an advantage or a disadvantage in certain situations. Our perfectly bilingual teams of representatives and managers let you pass right over this sticky situation.

In fact, we act as the written and spoken liaison with corporate offices. We represent you equally in French and English.


Knowing a culture implies not only knowing its culinary tastes, but above all, being able to determine its consumer needs and precise buying habits. What we love in Quebec isn’t the same as elsewhere. Since 1968, we have maintained tight relations with those we know and who share the same culinary culture – that of Quebec. 


The maximization of your sales is also a question of demographics. On one hand, the Quebec population is aging. As a consumer majority, baby boomers have preferences that are essential to consider. For instance, eco-friendly, organic, or health food products are popular with this demographic. On the other hand, the youngest age group (Millenials, teenagers, and even children) are also complete consumers of the retail food market.

Bellemont Powell knows the Quebec population, and we plan our sales strategies around it.