The Quebec Market

It’s the best-kept secret in North America – but not for us! Bellemont Powell has been introducing new product lines in Quebec since 1968.

We are well aware of the particularities unique to this food market, which represents over 31 billion dollars in sales. As an industry leader, we have the tools you need to become successful as much in sales and representation as in retail launch.

When it comes to introducing new food products in Quebec, Bellemont Powell is ahead of the pack. Our team of sales and commercialization specialists has the expertise required to make your product a winner.

Particularities of Our Market

The Quebec food market isn’t the same as other Canadian provinces or the American market. Since 1968, Bellemont Powell has taken into consideration the different types of markets where your product can penetrate in order to then deploy effective sales and launch tactics. 

Dietary Trends

In order for your product to please consumers, it’s important to know their dietary trends and to fully penetrate the food market. In turn, changes in these trends often imply changes that will affect products. For example, a new flavour could be gaining popularity or a new health concern such as Trans-fat content, etc. Several factors and dietary trends might be easily overlooked.


Since 1968, Bellemont Powell has proven itself to be an expert and invaluable resource for guiding you through each phase of your products’ commercialization in the Quebec market. Offering products in stores today, means not only following cultural standards, but also maintaining a proactive stance with regards to new trends and market knowledge.

The Food Market


Hungry for more business? We know the Quebec market and Quebec consumers.

Whether it’s putting you in contact with corporate offices and their grocery stores or presenting your product in a pleasing light to Quebecers, Bellemont Powell aptly knows who the food commercialization market’s principle stakeholders are and how to showcase your product to capture consumer attention.

Retail Market

The retail market is the first step in product commercialization (produce, delicatessen, value-added, etc). Bellemont Powell understands the full significance of “retail” when it comes to the precision, variety, and availability of the product. We are fully equipped to implement food marketing strategies, and, above all, to make sure that they are effective in retail: store by store, warehouse by warehouse.

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Affiliate Market

In Quebec, independent business owners, are the real decision makers for what products to show in-store, they are the key people you need to do business with as a commercial producer. However, they have an important workload and many preoccupations that can easily cause them to forget your product. Bellemont Powell assures a proactive effort in order to guarantee visibility all the way through stock rotation.

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Franchisee Market

Quebec food market franchising allows for a clear structure regarding launching norms and regulations. For certain distributing stores, it can be hard to break past or bend to the rules in effect. The advantage of trusting Bellemont Powell lies in our experience and the strategic contacts that we have known to establish throughout our 50 years of service.